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Melamine is considered and often referred to as, a direct or low-pressure laminate (LPL) because it is manufactured with a pressure of 300-500 pounds-per-square-inch. Layers of paper are saturated with a melamine resin until they are converted into a solid, plastic surface via thermal fusion. The melamine sheets are molded together as one of the layers of plastic laminate, which is then bonded together with particleboard or to another backing material to create a durable plastic sheet, which is what is used to give products such as Formica an attractive surface.

  • Melamine is resistant to the normal conditions common in kitchens such as heat, moisture, and stains
  • It is easy to clean due to the tough outer coating that encases the compressed wood core
  • Wide choice of colors and finishes
  • Edges in PVC
  • Difficult to retouch in case of scratches
  • It is difficult to tolerate frequent or continuous contact with a liquid substance in cuts and edges
  • Limited door styles

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